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We are Paloma & Tamia, the creators of High Tarot Vibrations. The vision for High Tarot Vibrations began a little after the start of our personal relationship with reading tarot cards in 2017. As our relationship with reading tarot progressed, it became our dream to own our own business.


We wanted to be able to use our gifts to be of service to others. Eventually we realized that we wished to expand the avenues of our business by adding other elements of healing for people to enjoy (ie. crystals, sage, incense, etc.).


Our goal at High Tarot Vibrations is to create a community of like minded individuals where we can grow together and support each other on our individual journeys. We aim to do this by meeting people where they are. From there, we hope to guide them by bringing them a sense of clarity and peace of mind on some of their daily issues. We aspire to do this through our tarot readings and by encouraging the use of our products, which we hope will inspire people to start and/or continue their self-growth journey.